Let the Games Begin: Succession’s Most Significant Episode Yet

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Succession fans know that the most significant and consequential episodes of the series tend to occur during the family’s gatherings. Despite this fact, many of us still find ourselves caught off guard and unprepared for the drama that inevitably unfolds.

It’s worth noting that the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, had originally planned for patriarch Logan Roy to die early on in the series. However, Brian Cox’s exceptional performance led to a change in plans, and Logan remained alive much longer than intended. Succession became a show about a dysfunctional family vying for power and control while they waited for their aging father to pass away.

This week’s episode marked a significant turning point in the series, as Logan Roy’s death finally occurred. In hindsight, we should have seen this coming. The most consequential episodes of Succession always seem to happen during family gatherings. For example, the season one finale took place at a wedding, during which Kendall accidentally killed a waiter and fled the scene. The season two finale was set on a boat, where Kendall finally turned on his father.

Let the Games Begin: Succession's Most Significant Episode Yet
Let the Games Begin: Succession’s Most Significant Episode Yet

The latest episode, set at a wedding on a boat, was a clear sign that something big was about to happen. Logan’s death will undoubtedly change the dynamics of the show moving forward, and it’s exciting to think about what will happen next as the family fights for control of the company.

As fans, we should have been better prepared for the unexpected twists and turns of Succession. But let’s face it, even if we were warned, we’d still be on the edge of our seats, eagerly waiting for the next family gathering and the drama that comes with it.

Logan’s Death in Succession: A Truthful and Shocking Moment

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Succession, be warned that this article contains spoilers.

Logan Roy’s death was a moment that felt profoundly truthful. The show had no signs of this coming, and Logan was his usual awful self just minutes before he died. The shock of his death was felt in tandem with the characters, and the show didn’t give us any hints. Succession had the restraint to let us see Logan’s death secondhand through the eyes of his children, making the little details feel punishingly real.

Grief doesn’t hit immediately, especially when there are things that need to be done, people who need to be told, and affairs that need to be put in order. With Logan Roy, there are an awful lot of pieces, so the full weight of grief won’t come until all the pieces have stopped moving. The Roy siblings will experience a heavy crash, assuming they’re human, which might be too generous given what we’ve seen so far. The trailer for the season’s second half suggests that the grieving process might be sidestepped altogether in favor of a mad race for Logan’s fortune and legacy.

The online coverage of Logan’s death has been comprehensive, and we know this isn’t the last we’ll see of him. Cox revealed that he filmed a handful of flashback scenes that have yet to be screened. However, Logan Roy is dead, and there is no going back. Finally, Succession has begun, with just seven episodes remaining.

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