Lily-Rose Depp Mesmerizes with Provocative Wardrobe in ‘The Idol,’ a Captivatingly Disturbed Delusion

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Lily-Rose Depp’s Alluring Costumes in ‘The Idol’ Evoke a Twisted and Seductive Fashion Fantasy

In the mesmerizing opening scene of HBO’s divisive new show, ‘The Idol,’ Lily-Rose Depp captivates viewers with her siren-eyed character, Jocelyn. Dressed in a crimson satin robe and a hospital bracelet, Depp sets the stage for a beautiful yet dark and twisted fashion spectacle.

Although only one episode of the show has been released, it has already stirred a mix of criticism and commentary. Some argue that ‘The Idol’ panders to the male gaze and romanticizes abuse, leading to its reputation as a sordid portrayal. Costume designer Natasha Newman-Thomas embraces this controversial theme through her sartorial choices.

“After the release of the first episode, we aimed to capture a sense of darkness and sleaziness,” Newman-Thomas revealed. She further explained, “We wanted to challenge the typical portrayal of pop stars and explore the underbelly of the music world.” Indeed, in an industry known for sugar-coated supernovas and glamorous performances, ‘The Idol’ defies expectations by presenting a subversive and gritty depiction.

Lily-Rose Depp Mesmerizes with Provocative Wardrobe in 'The Idol,' a Captivatingly Disturbed Delusion
Lily-Rose Depp Mesmerizes with Provocative Wardrobe in ‘The Idol,’ a Captivatingly Disturbed Delusion

Similar to the allure of Australia’s Caroline Reznik, whose sensual and barely-there silhouettes have become a favorite among It-girls seeking a touch of morbidity and mystery, Jocelyn finds empowerment through her flesh-baring and provocative outfits.

Imagine pelvis-grazing mini dresses from the cult-favorite label Aya Muse, adored by supermodels worldwide. Picture a pastel-pink boudoir silk dress with a pearl halter neck, exuding both elegance and sensuality.

Even during her off-duty moments as a pop sensation, Jocelyn refuses to blend in. Instead, she chain-smokes cigarettes with her over-lined lips and practices choreography in micro mini skirts and daring bralettes, reminiscent of the infamous ‘idol’ herself, Britney Spears circa 2008.

“Our aim was to create a timeless and iconic superstar look,” explained Newman-Thomas regarding the show’s fantasy of pop sensation redux. With a brief appearance from ‘Euphoria’s’ Maddy Perez (played by Alexa Demie) in the first episode, it’s clear that ‘The Idol’ will continue to astound audiences with its meteoric rise and captivating fashion choices, much like Sam Levinson’s previous creation.

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